Thanks for putting together an inexpensive Word template for printing IRS Forms 1099-MISC and 1096!

Your story is similar to ours: My wife has to file a small number of 1099s each year and an old Word template we got free off the web years ago did not work very well and was not very user-friendly (surprise!). Also, until we ordered your template, she filled out Form 1096 by hand, which did not look very professional. Prior to that, her organization paid an accountant about $80 to do 10 minutes' work on forms that the IRS provides free of charge.

I know it's not your primary specialty, but I am grateful you saw the need for a simple niche product that fills a very real business need for small operators. It is worth every penny of its $2.99 retail price and saved me hours trying to do something similar in Excel. May your business continue to prosper!

– John Roush, Belton, Missouri

I bought your template for the 1099—it was awesome and I wanted to thank you. I hate doing those—trying to fill them out by hand or trying to get everything to line up. I’m just so happy and I wanted to say thank you! It’s the happiest I have ever been in preparing them—you are the best!

– Paul Zerang

I want you to know that, after I downloaded your template, everything worked perfectly. It was a great help to me in getting my 1099s produced and allowed me to do so much more simply than would have been the case without it. I'm very impressed that you produced a product that perfectly met my need and did so at a very modest price. I wish you and your company all the best.

– Jeff Padden

I’m writing to thank you for being thoughtful enough to share your 1099 Misc and 1096 templates with the rest of us. It was a lifesaver. We had only three 1099s and one 1096 to produce and we were looking for some way to complete the forms with out resurrecting our old Royal manual typewriter or buying into some tax program that was going to be with us for the rest of the year.  It worked great! I hope you get another 40,000 downloads. Thought you should know you’re appreciated. Take care!

– Ron and Connie Erickson, Horace, ND